About the Kanga Cup

Who can enter the Kanga Cup?

Entry is available to affiliated clubs/associations of an FFA member (state federation) or another FIFA National Football Federation, and schools (conditions apply). Australian teams must be sanctioned by their association and member federation, and all international teams must be sanctioned by their national football federation. Academies, composite teams or non-affiliated clubs are required to submit an application to participate in the Kanga Cup.

Who organises the Kanga Cup?

The Kanga Cup is owned and operated by the ACT Football Federation (trading as Capital Football). Capital Football is the governing body for football in the ACT region and is a member federation of the Football Australia.

Who comes to the Kanga Cup?

Teams from across Australia and overseas compete in the Kanga Cup with teams from every playing level. Countries that have previously participated in the Kanga Cup include Italy, Russia, England, Georgia, Denmark, USA, South Africa, China, Malaysia, India, Korea, Philippines, India, Indonesia, East Timor, Chinese Taipei, Fiji and New Zealand.

Entering a team

How do I register my team?

Head to the Registration page to register your team once registrations are open.
Please note that registrations need to be submitted online in order to be accepted.

How many players and officials can we register?

For U9 competition a maximum of 12 players can be listed on the team sheet and partake in any given match.

For U10-U13 competitions a maximum of 14 players can be listed on the team sheet and partake in any given match.

For U14-U18 competitions a total of 16 players can be listed on the team sheet and partake in any given match.

Extra players can be registered for an additional cost. Please contact the KCOC if you require additional registrations.

For all age divisions a maximum of 3 team officials can be registered.

The Football Tournament

How is the tournament structured?

The structure of each division differs depending on the number of teams registered. Teams may be placed into pools and will either play all the teams in their division or pool once, which is followed by semi-finals and consolation matches.

How many games will our team play?

From Monday to Thursday teams will play a minimum of five games, with no more than two games per day. Friday is reserved for Grand Finals.

Where will Kanga Cup games be held?

The Kanga Cup games are played at a host of venues across Canberra and the greater region, presenting you with a great opportunity to see all that the ACT has to offer.

Are the fields grass or synthetic?

The majority of fields will be grass, however some synthetic fields are available if necessary.

Will referees officiate each game?

The KCOC aims to appoint one registered referee to each match. There is no guarantee that assistant referees would be provided. Teams must be prepared to provide an assistant referee where required.

How do I become a Kanga Cup referee?

Please visit the Referees page for information on how to apply.

Who will supply the match balls?

The referee will provide match balls for each match.

Are players permitted to play up an age group?

Players can play up to two age groups above their birth year. Clubs wishing to have players play more than two years above their birth year must make a formal request.

Can a player represent more than one team in the Kanga Cup?

No, a player may not represent more than one team. Any player found to be playing on more than one team will be disqualified and the team will forfeit the game they played in.

Are teams required to demonstrate proof of age?

Registration on Dribl will be deemed as official ID for a player. However, all players in the tournament will be required to carry photo ID at our discount partners to redeem discounts at the store. An ID template is available on the website for players who do not already possess one.

What are the Kanga Cup divisions?

Three divisions are offered in most age groups.

Cup Competition: Premier League teams, district representatives, division one teams and academies.

Plate Competition: Newly promoted division one teams and division two teams.

Shield Competition: Developing teams from lower divisions.

Does the Kanga Cup have substitutions or interchange?

Unlimited interchanges of players listed on the match card in accordance with the FIFA Laws of the Game will be allowed during all matches in all age groups.

Do players and officials need to wear accreditation at all times?

All officials will receive tournament identification in the form of passes for officials. All players will be required to register on Dribl and will be required to carry an ID Card using the Kanga Cup ID template which will be available on the website and will provide access to all matches, special events and special deals (e.g. discounts).

Accreditation must be worn at all times by team officials while in the technical area. Any individual found in the technical area without accreditation will be asked to leave.

Are undergarments such as ‘Skins’ permitted?

Undershorts and/or undershirts are permitted. If worn they are to be the same colour as the shorts/shirt sleeve or black, white or skin coloured.


Where can I stay in Canberra?

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Is it compulsory to give a gift to a Kanga Cup opponent?

Although not compulsory, the exchange of pendants, pins and other gifts is highly encouraged during Kanga Cup. The exchanging of gifts is a sign of friendship and respect. Some teams will give a small gift so it is nice to give something in return if you can, particularly with international teams.