Registrations for the 2021 McDonald’s Kanga Cup are now open!

Things to know Before you register

  1. We are using a new platform this year! This means that a) you need to read the registration guide even if you’ve registered a team in previous years, and b) please let us know via if you come across any issues
  2. For now it would be great if you can use a laptop or PC to complete your registration. There is currently an issue with completing the ‘Country’ field in the payment section when using a mobile device. It is being fixed currently, but for now if you need to use a mobile device you will need to use a work-around for this field: type the country name somewhere else on the mobile device and copy/paste it to the Country field.
  3. Have the registration guide with you when you register. It includes screenshots and outlines the key steps to complete your registration.
  4. The deposit required to register the team is $250. The remainder of the team fee can be paid up until 24 May, but we require the $250 deposit to hold your team’s spot.
  5. Registrations will close on 21 May. If you aren’t ready to register today – that’s totally fine! Registrations will be open for a few weeks so there’s plenty of time to get sorted.


I’m ready to register my team!

Please note that there is a compulsory $250 non-refundable deposit to secure your team’s position in the 2021 McDonald’s Kanga Cup, and all payments made through the platform will incur a processing fee on top of the registration fee.

i want to know a bit more about the tournament first…

That’s okay! Click below to find out more information about the largest youth football tournament in the Southern Hemisphere!

2021 Information Guide
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Who can participate?

Team eligibility – entry is available to affiliated clubs/associations of an FA member (state federation) or another FIFA National Football Federation. School groups are also permitted to enter (conditions apply). Australian teams must be sanctioned by their association and Member Federation, and all international teams must be sanctioned by their National Football Federation.

Player eligibility – all players registered to a team in the competition must be nationally registered players for 2021.

Age Groups

U9 Born on or after 1/1/12
U10 Born on or after 1/1/11
U11 Born on or after 1/1/10
U12 Born on or after 1/1/09
U13 Born on or after 1/1/08
U14 Born on or after 1/1/07
U15 (boys only) Born on or after 1/1/06
U16 Born on or after 1/1/05
U18 Born on or after 1/1/04

Entry Costs

  U9 U10-11 U12-18
REGISTRATION FEE ($AUD) $1100 inc. GST $1300 inc. GST $1500 inc. GST
DEPOSIT DUE DATE Time of Nomination Time of Nomination Time of Nomination
FULL BALANCE DUE DATE 24th May 24th May 24th May

*Please note that in 2021 all registration fees will incur a processing fee on top of the registration fee

The date of registration is taken from the day we receive the online team nomination and non-refundable deposit of $250 (AUD). The remaining registration fee must be paid by the stated deadlines in order to compete in the tournament.

Withdrawals and Refunds

If a team withdraws from the competition, refunds may be given under the following conditions:

  • Team withdrawing from the competition on or before May 21 will receive a refund of entry fees paid excluding deposit.
  • Teams who withdraw from the competition on or after May 22 will forfeit 100% of entry fees paid, including deposit.

Divisions and Playing Levels

Three divisions are offered in most age groups:

  • Cup Competition – Premier League teams, division one teams or district representative teams.
  • Plate Competition – Newly promoted division one teams and division two teams.
  • Shield Competition – Developing teams from lower placed divisions.

Due to the history of the number of entries in certain age groups, not all levels of competitions will be offered to every age group.

Teams are to nominate an appropriate level of competition within your age group.

Teams are required to provide records of their 2020 results and/or standings from their association competitions on registration.

The Kanga Cup Organising Committee (KCOC) reserves the right to place teams into divisions that may not be their nominated division.

Match Formats


Small Sided Games played in alignment with FIFA laws and FFA guidelines

Players   7v7
Field Size   Length 40m X Width 30m
Playing Time 2×20 minutes (5 mins halftime)



Small Sided Games played in alignment with FIFA laws and FFA guidelines 

Players 9v9
Field Size Length 60m X Width 40m
Playing Time 2×25 minutes (5 mins halftime)



Players   11v11
Field Size   Length 90-120m X Width 45-90m
Playing Time 2×30 minutes (5 mins halftime)



Players   11v11
Field Size   Length 90-120m x Width 45-90m
Playing Time 2×35 minutes (5 mins halftime)



Players   11v11
Field Size   Length 60m X Width 40m
Playing Time 2×35 minutes (5 mins halftime)

Maximum Squad Size

U9 12 players + 3 team officials
U10-U11 14 players + 3 team officials
U12-U18, AWD 16 players + 3 team officials
*Any team wishing to register more than the above may do so, but will be charged an additional amount per extra registration to cover the cost of increased items required in the team kit bag.

Sanctioning and Insurance

Australian teams – all Australian teams require a letter of sanction from their Member Federation. Letters of sanction must state that the participants are covered by the Member Federation’s insurance. We strongly encourage participants to also take out personal sports injury/private health insurance.

International teams – entry is only available to affiliated clubs of a member of an international football association affiliated with FIFA or schools. Teams must include a letter of sanction from their national football association. International teams must also have proof of travel insurance to cover personal accident or injury.

Accreditation and Proof of Age

All registered players and officials will receive tournament identification in the form of wristbands and accreditation passes (officials only). These passes will provide access to all matches, special events and special deals (e.g. discounts).

All players in the tournament will be required to carry photo ID. If your team does not have Club/Association-issued ID cards, we have templates available here:



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All matches are assigned an Australian or internationally registered referee however teams must be prepared to provide an assistant referee if required.

Extra Time and Finals

Extra time will only be played in finals/playoffs matches, if the scores between the two teams are tied at the end of normal time. Then a two minute break followed by two periods of 5 -10 mins (age dependent).

If there is still no result, a penalty shoot out will then ensue.


There are many prizes up for grabs at the Kanga Cup. For teams reaching the final, each player will receive a medal, and each winning team will receive an Kanga Cup trophy. There are also trophies for Fair Play and individual awards.

I still have some questions…who can I talk to?

You can chat to us via phone or email during our office hours of Monday-Friday from 9am to 5pm. You can also follow us on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with all the latest #KC2021 news!