Referees play a critical role in the facilitation and success of the Kanga Cup. The Kanga Cup is a celebration of youth football and provides an opportunity for young referees as well as players to learn and develop in a fun and supportive environment.

Referee at the Kanga Cup

For any young Referee or Game Leader, the Kanga Cup is an unrivalled opportunity to develop, learn, make friends and enjoy the satisfaction of officiating at an international youth tournament. Respect for referees is paramount.

The Kanga Cup Referees come from Canberra, around Australia and overseas. The Referees are joined by a dedicated team of Referee Coaches and Referee Coordinators who work closely with the Referees under a structured program developed by the Head of Referees in line with the Football Australia’s Level 3 and Level 4 curriculum.

For more information about refereeing at the Kanga Cup as a Game Leader or Referee, please read the Referee Information Pack.

Local Referee

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KCRYA Referee

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Local Referee Coach

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KCRYA Referee Coach

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