In some cases, players who do not meet the eligibility criteria for their team may be granted dispensation to play. Teams wishing to use a player who does not fulfill all of the eligibility criteria must make a request to the KCOC using the form below. More information regarding the criteria for dispensations can be found in the Competition Regulations.


Clubs wishing to have players play more than two years above their birth year must make a request containing relevant documentation as per Kanga Cup Competition Regulations.


Biological maturation

Players who are classified as late developers as per the biological maturation testing process relating to peak height velocity.



A team wishing to play a player in an age group below his/her birth year may be approved to play for a team in the age group below their birth year.


Loan Players

A team may borrow up to three players from another club/s within their association to make up team numbers. Teams wishing to borrow players from another club will be required to seek approval from the KCOC, with written permission from the player’s usual club releasing them for the duration of the tournament.