This Code of Conduct aims to promote and strengthen the reputation of football in Australia by establishing a standard of performance, behaviour and professionalism for its participants and stakeholders. In addition, it seeks to deter conduct that could impair public confidence in the honest and professional conduct of Matches or in the integrity and good character of its participants.

All visitors to the KEEPUP Kanga Cup, including players, officials and parents, will be held to this Code of Conduct. Anyone found not complying with this Code may be evicted from the venue and banned from attending future KEEPUP Kanga Cup matches.


This code of behaviour is applicable to all players, referees, coaches, managers and officials registered and involved in the KEEPUP Kanga Cup competitions. Any breach to this Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary action by the KEEPUP Kanga Cup Disputes & Disciplinary Committee and Capital Football.

a) All players, coaches, managers and club officials are to play the game in a spirit of fair play, accepting of the refereeā€™s decision and abiding by the Laws of the Game.

b) All players, coaches, managers and club officials must not, during the course of, or after a match, under the jurisdiction of Capital Football, abuse or address a Referee or Assistant Referee in an insulting or offensive manner.

c) All players, coaches, managers, club officials and referees must not engage in violent acts, verbal abuse, offensive language or behaviour, or acts likely to incite others, including spectators. To engage in such behaviour or any other conduct is detrimental to the spirit and image of the game.

d) All players, coaches, managers, officials and referees at all times must, while under the control of Kanga Cup fixtures, act, dress and behave in public in a manner which does not bring the game or the Kanga Cup into disrepute.

e) All players, coaches, managers, club officials or referees shall not, at any time, make any comment in any publication, whether written, televised or broadcast, which is detrimental to the interests, welfare or image of the Kanga Cup and Capital Football.

f) All players, coaches, managers, club officials or referees shall not, at any time, utilise the image rights of players, officials, referees, spectators, staff and other people that are in the vicinity of authorised Kanga Cup activities for whatever purpose without the permission of those whose image is taken.

g) All managers, coaches and club officials will endeavour to control the behaviour of team supporters to accord with the general principles of the Code of Conduct as detailed herein.

h) All participants at all times must comply with any reasonable direction, given by any Kanga Cup official at any of the playing venues, in respect to behaviour at a match, keeping the playing field clear and in endeavouring to assist officials in maintaining control of spectators and players.

i) Failure to comply with all or part of the Kanga Cup Code of Conduct will be subject to disciplinary as determined by Capital Football or the Kanga Cup Disputes & Disciplinary Committee.

During the Tournament, you will also be held to the FFA Spectator Code of Behaviour and Code of Conduct.