KCRYA Referee

The Kanga Cup Referee Youth Academy (KCRYA) is a pathway program for approximately 50 local, interstate and international referees to receive intensive coaching and mentoring, with a focus on developing referees in a tournament environment in the age group of 15-18.

The KCRYA has the support of the Football Australia with the official curriculum using resources from the Football Australia Level 3 and Level 4 course.

As a member of the KCRYA, Referees will be involved in seminars with senior Referees and Coaches, learn during feedback sessions with referee coaches and make new friends in a supportive environment. There is no better week in the year for a young referee who is serious about improving and going to the next level.

For more information about the KCRYA, please read the KCRYA Information Pack.

Who can apply?

Match Officials aged 15-18 years from across Australia and overseas, who are not registered as a Match Official with Capital Football, can apply, or be nominated (by their Member Federation or Referee Association) for the KCRYA.

Selected participants in Capital Football’s Cadet and Academy Referee Program will also attend KCRYA as part of the Cadet and Academy Referee Program.

Match Officials who hold a Football Australia Level 4 to Level 2 referee qualifications (or international equivalent), plus a minimum of 1 years refereeing experience are eligible to apply for the KCRYA.

Should a Member Federation or Referee Association choose to provide nominations to the KCOC, they may use an application process to determine the nominations provided to the KCOC.

Application Process

To apply for the 2024 Kanga Cup Referee Youth Academy, please complete the KCRYA Referee Application Form.

The KCOC will review all individual applications and nominations from Member Federations and Referee Associations before communicating the outcome of all applications and nominations by Saturday 1 June 2024.