Local Referee

The McDonald’s Kanga Cup is a great opportunity for any registered Referee or Game Leader, particular Capital Football registered Match Officials, to participate in this tournament. It is a chance to improve your skills with coaching available throughout the week. It is also an opportunity to meet new referees and share experiences.

A Local Referee includes:

  • A Capital Football registered Game Leader;
  • A Capital Football registered Referee;
  • A Referee or Game Leader registered with a Member Federation or Referee Association who has not been selected to participate in the KCRYA.

Referees and Game Leaders can now register for the McDonald’s Kanga Cup as a ‘Local Referee’ by completing the Local Referee Registration Form before 5pm Friday 4th June.

Please contact referees@capitalfootball.com.au if you have any questions in relation to refereeing at the McDonald’s Kanga Cup.

Pre-Tournament Training Sessions

The KCOC, as part of the training and education program, will schedule 4x training sessions for Referees and Game Leaders in June.

Referees and Game Leaders who register to officiate at the 2021 McDonald’s Kanga Cup as a Local Referee are required to attend 1x training session in preparation for the Tournament.

The 2x hour practical session will focus on specific Referee, Assistant Referee & MiniRoos drills which aim to prepare all Local Referees for the Tournament.

Details of the 4x training sessions in preparation for the 2021 Tournament, including the registration link for each session are listed below.