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The 2019 McDonald’s Kanga Cup will be played at a number of venues across Canberra and the surrounding region. Teams will play all their Mon-Thurs matches at one venue, and should they make it through to the grand final then we will see them at Southwell on Friday!

To confirm what venue your team is playing out, check out the fixtures here.

Were St, Calwell ACT 2905

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Katoomba St, Harrison ACT 2914

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Macrossan Cres, Latham ACT 2615

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Thurbon Rd, Lyneham ACT 2602

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Heard St, Mawson ACT 2607

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Badimara St, Waramanga ACT 2611

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31 Old Sydney Rd, Queanbeyan East NSW 2620

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Walhallow St, Hawker ACT 2614

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