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The Athletes with a Disability (AWD) Division was introduced at the Kanga Cup in 2012 and will continue to be a welcome addition to the competition in 2018.

The AWD division provides people with para and/or intellectual disability the opportunity to be a part of a unique and unrivalled week of football and fun in the Capital. This division at the Kanga Cup is the perfect option for those who are not interested in or may not yet be ready to play mainstream football and allows AWD athletes of any age the chance to play teams from other states without needing to be at a representative level.

The 2018 AWD format was slightly different to previous years, with both a competition and a gala day being run.

AWD Competition: Tuesday 10 July to Friday 13 July

Teams competing in the AWD competition took part in tournament matches on Tuesday and Wednesday against other teams in the competition. The top four teams at the end of the two days progressed to the semi-finals on Thursday with the winners playing off in the grand final. All teams were guaranteed a minimum of four games from Tuesday-Thursday.


Gala Day: Thursday 12 July

Registered teams were mixed up to create new teams to take part in matches. Individuals were able to register and be added into teams. Teams changed throughout the day to give players the chance to play with other people as well.

Fun friendly games were played – chance for players to meet new players and enjoy a day of football with players from other states.

Games: 20 minutes in length – 2 x 10 minute halves

Teams participating in the AWD competition are automatically registered for the gala day.

Teams wishing to just enter the gala day will be charged $10/player to cover insurance. Any individuals registering for just the Gala Day will also be charged $10/player.